I will heartily recommend your company to others!
 I wanted to write to thank you again for the amazing, caring, and thoughtful customer service you provided and for your invaluable help in ensuring our countertops were installed in time and successfully. You already know how stressed we were at the thought of the cascade of cancellations we were facing if we could not have the countertops installed on time. These included delaying our appliance installation, finish electrical, finish plumbing, and backsplash install. Not only we were facing a scheduling nightmare; we were also facing additional costs for extending the rental unit we are living in during renovation. You could have easily ignored my calls on Saturday and Monday and washed your hands of a problem you had not created. I will freely admit I was not the easiest to deal with. And, yet, you were so patient and helpful. I am writing because I want your supervisor(s) and owner of Sudbury to know what a valuable team member they have in you. I will heartily recommend your company to others and return to you for future countertop needs. Thank you again for your help! Monica P.S. Helio and Servin (I am not sure if I am spelling their names correctly) were equally fantastic. They did a great job installing the countertops and went above and beyond to ensure a quality installation.  
My wife & I want to thank you for the work you did
 When we moved into our new home there was granite on the countertops in the kitchen. We later wanted to create an eating & work space by adding an island. The problem we ran into was we couldn’t find a new slab of Blue Pearl that matched what we now had. We didn’t want to replace our existing granite countertops. 
Beautiful work, great service!
 Sandra has been wonderful to work with from beginning to end. She is warm, professional, and responsive. We found her service, cost and quick installation turnaround to be the best of the several places we researched and visited. Our finished countertops in the kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and a dressing area look beautiful! We recommend her highly. 
Thank you for helping me along the way
 The months have gone by & I wanted to let you know each time I go into my kitchen I’m happy. I want to thank you for helping me along the way to make the right decisions for my situation. It’s so easy to get carried away & over spend with so many beautiful options out there for kitchen remodeling. I had a budget & you helped me stay within the budget. 

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Prior to installation, customers must remove all items from the countertops. Access to the project area must be clear of any item that would block easy access of safe transport of the countertop pieces to their final resting positions. Also area rugs that could get caught around one’s feet should be removed. We do not do any electrical or plumbing work with the reconnect. We’ll install the undermount sink/s and install cook-top, without performing any hook-ups. Once the installation is complete, you should allow adhesive to cure and use a professional to reconnect your new appliances. It is suggested that you wait 24 hours before reconnecting the plumbing. Where full backsplashes are being installed, under cabinetry lighting must be removed prior to splash installation. Customer must be on-site in person, or provide an authorized individual to confirm that all installation work has been conducted to a satisfactory standard. Our team will clean-up the surrounding project area, and apply an initial coat of stone sealer to all natural surfaces. This sealer will need time to dry and may look like streaks on the top but after the sealer dry’s overnight you may use Windex to wipe.
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